Beauty on the go | Hair and makeup artist Toronto

June 22, 2014

So, you’ve arrived at the airport, only to realize that you’re forgotten your ‘The Pore-fessional’ from Benefit!  With no time to race to Duty Free in hopes that they will carry the line, you think you’re out of luck. 

Never fear, the cutest little Benefit vending truck to the rescue!  This adorable little ‘vehicle’ is jammed packed with all of the Benefit goodies that you could need!  I stumbled across this gem at the Philadelphia airport and was extremely excited!  This truck embodies everything that Benefit works to convey, including a “Hello Gorgeous” statement written on the mirror at the rear, in what is intended as lipstick .

I think this is absolutely fantastic and I hope to discover many more at?other airports!

~Love what you wear and wear what you love~

Beauty on the go | Hair and makeup artist Toronto