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May 5, 2014

Spring is always an exciting time; those grey dreary days are over and bright colourful days are to come!? Why not bring some of that colour into your makeup regime.  Besides, makeup should always be fun, playful and inventive.  Many women admit to falling into the same routine for years upon years, without ever changing a thing.  Make up can be anything you want it to be, so why not make it colourful and fun!

For some reason or another, springtime consistently makes me think of blush, more than any other product (although let?s be real, the 40+ blushes I own, certainly speak for my adoration alone.) If you?re anything like me, you?ll be able to relate on the quest for that perfect blush . . .you know, the one that is the perfect hue, blends flawlessly and leaves you looking your very best??? Well, I have met my match.?? Recently, MUFE (Make Up For Ever) released their HD Blush, named ?Second Skin Cream Blush.?? It is just that, a second skin of colour.? The beautiful texture is so lightweight and seemingly melts into the skin.? The colour selection is vast and longevity is surely impressive. There seems to be a lot of uncertainly out there about which blush is the ?right one.?? It?s more complex than lumping everyone into three groups; light, medium and dark.? Everyone has an undertone, which plays a role in how a colour appears on your skin.

Colour Tip: ?Select a colour, which is similar to and compliments your natural lip colour. My faves from this collection would have to be #220, #315, #330 & #510. ?Remember; with any product it?s always best to start with a light hand and build the intensity slowly, to achieve the desired look. ?Wear what you love and love what you wear. ?Happy Blushing!

Photo credit: ?MakeUp Forever

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