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May 9, 2014

We all know that glorious feeling of freshly washed hair; squeaky clean I might even say.  It feels great, looks so shiny and all you want to do is sit and spin strands of it around your finger all day long.? Am I guilty of this Oh absolutely.  We’ve grown up in a society where everything has to be the newest, freshest and best it can be. So why wouldn’t we want the cleanest hair too?

I can clearly remember my hairdresser telling me at a young age that I should skip a day of shampoo.? Did I listen? ?Of course not- I was young and ?knew everything,? so clearly she must have been misinformed.? Trouble is, she really wasn?t.? There?s a lot of supporting facts and information that tells us that there may be something to this whole ?second day hair? madness.? What do I mean by second day hair?? Washing your hair on day one, skipping the second day and then washing again on day three.? Let?s get one thing straight; neither I nor the information, which I?m referring to is suggesting that you skip a shower all together, simply just the shampoo.? (I leave personal hygiene in your hands.)

When we wash our hair, we strip it of its natural oils.? (Not all oil is bad ? I?ll save this for a future blog post.)? We are then teaching our hair that it must produce oil at a faster rate, in order to replace the oil, which we?ve just washed away with our newest shampoo that promises to make us look like the latest Pantene commercial.? After all, who didn?t want to be a Pantene Pro V girl growing up?? Does this mean that you have to wear a hat on the second day for the rest of all time?? Luckily no. There are terrific products, which I?m sure we?re all familiar with, such as dry shampoo and powders. (Also terrific while camping!)

My favourite powder on the market right now is by Bumble and Bumble, called ?Pret-?-Powder.?? It?s designed to work as a dry shampoo but also to aid in styling.?? It?s marketed as a 3 in 1:? Volumizer, Dry Shampoo and Style Extender.? I still claim it?s a 4 in 1 because it?s smells so lovely.? It has notes of nectarine, vanilla, orchid, musk and amber.

Can?t get on board with a loose powder?? Klorane, a France based company, has an excellent dry shampoo spray that contains Oat Milk. ?Adding volume and texture to hair, while removing oil, this dry shampoo will help to soften, protect as well as moisturize.? ?Klorane is a wonderful botanical based company, which is also great if you?re concerned about ingredients.? It is sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free.

Application Tip😕 Apply with care to the roots.
Powder – Sprinkle into the hair and massage into the roots
Spray – Spray about 8-10 inches from your hair
Wait a few minutes (while you brush your teeth perhaps) and then brush the product thoroughly through your hair.

If you?re going to take the big leap and enter the world of dry shampoos and powders, I do recommend that you pack your patience.? Your hair is used to being washed every day and producing oil quickly.? As with anything, there is an adjustment period.? Give yourself and your hair, time to adjust to this new routine.

?Wear what you love and love what you wear.? Happy shampooing (or not)!

Photo Credit: ?Bumble & Bumble?& Klorane

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