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August 14, 2014

Airbrush Makeup

So, what is Airbrush Makeup all about. Below, I’ve addressed some common questions regarding this often-confused makeup application.

What it IS:  Airbrush makeup is a finely milled, liquid formula that is applied by using an airbrush gun.  Light as air, this makeup offers a light to medium coverage, feels great, leaves the skin with a real skin finish and is an ideal option for HD.


What it ISN’T: Airbrush makeup is not to be confused with the Photoshop technique often referred to as Airbrushing. Makeup is wonderful, enabling skilled artists to highlight and enhance features. Airbrushing however it is not, nor will it ever be ‘Photoshop;’ offering nips, tucks, removal of wrinkles and melting 20+ years away (a magic wand if you will).

Is it Waterproof? Yes, Airbrush makeup comes in both a non-waterproof, as well as a waterproof formula.? This is particularly ideal for special occasions, all day photo-shoots and high humidity locations.? By using the right products, traditional makeup can also be transformed into a waterproof formula.

Will it provide enough coverage? Airbrush makeup is a thin, light to medium coverage foundation.? It can be used on its own, for someone looking to even out skin tone and achieve moderate coverage.? For someone who is looking for full coverage, (possibly due to scarring, acne, hyperpigmentation etc.) airbrushing can be used as the final step after coverage is provided by using traditional makeup methods.

Beauty makeup, for the most part, is simply designed to make us look and feel like the best version of ourselves.?? This can be achieved by way of traditional or airbrush makeup, after determining which method suits your individual needs best.? As with anything, having knowledgeable and skilled artist is more important than the application itself.

Airbrush Makeup |?Makeup Artist Toronto | Corrie Elle Artistry

Photo: Christophe Viseux