3 Makeup Tips for Eyes | Toronto Hair and Makeup Artist |

August 8, 2014

Eyes are a feature, which women commonly like to focus on. Whether it be a smokey eye, winged liner or playing with colour, there’s a look for everyone. Here are 3 makeup tips for eyes!

TIP #1 We can all agree that the perfect eyeliner can be tricky at times. Today, gel and liquid liners seem to dominate the market, due to the?precision and longevity that they offer.? When applying eyeliner, many women tend to close the eye they?re applying liner to.? This can distort the eye shape if the eye is being scrunched shut. ?Stretching the eye out to the side with one hand can seem like a desirable option, until repetitive action takes its toll on the delicate skin around the eyes. ?Rather than these two common actions, tilt the head back, keeping the eyes slightly open.? This will help to achieve an even and straight line by following the natural shape of the eye.

TIP #2 ? ? Is a late night or early morning causing you to have ?tired eyes?? ?If you’ve missed out on a lot of sleep, wearing heavy makeup can be the wrong move, as this?will actually accentuate what you’re trying to detract from. ?For a quick and easy fix, turn to an eyeliner pencil.? Select a white or beige eye pencil, (without sparkle) depending on your skin tone – white for fair skin and beige for darker tones. ?Use the pencil to carefully line the inner rim of the eye.? This trick will help to brighten the whites of the eye and counteract redness.

TIP #3 ? ? Are you enticed by the return of coloured mascara but leery of the intensity it can produce? ?Try a more subtle look by coating lashes with black mascara (or brown) and then take your favourite coloured mascara and apply to the underside of the top lashes.? This will add just a touch of colour that peeks through!

Photo: Christophe Viseux